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Implementation of Medical Insurance Scheme for retired employees

We are glad to inform you that our Bank is implementing the Medical Insurance scheme proposed by IBA in terms of Xth Bipartite Settlement / Joint Note for reimbursement of medical expenses for employees including retired employees by way of a master policy to be issued by M/s United India Insurance Company Ltd. The policy shall be effective for Retired officers/employees on payment of stipulated premium.

The scheme covers medical expenses of retired employees and his/her dependant Spouse subject to payment of stipulated insurance premium. The premium payable and insurance coverage available to them is given below:

Option I- Normal renewal of on as is basis without Domiciliary Cover

Category Sum Insured Annual Premium Domiciliary coverage Service Tax @15% Total Premium


Rs. 4 lakhs

Rs. 13935.00


Rs. 2090.00

Rs. 16025.00

Clerks/Sub staff

Rs. 3 lakhs

Rs. 10452.00


Rs. 1568.00

Rs. 12020.00

Option II- With Domiciliary Expenses Benefits (59 diseases are covered as per Annexure)

Category Sum Insured inclusive of Domiciliary coverage Annual Premium Domiciliary coverage Service Tax @15% Total Premium


Rs. 4 lakhs

Rs. 17400.00

Rs. 40000.00

Rs. 2610.00

Rs. 20010.00

Clerks/Sub staff

Rs. 3 lakhs

Rs. 13000.00

Rs. 30000.00

Rs. 1950.00

Rs. 14950.00

Other Terms

The Policy shall be in the name of Bank and the coverage will commence from 01/11/2016 and is valid till 31/10/2017.

  • Retirees Policy covers only Hospitalization expenses of Retired employee/pensioner plus his /her Spouse only.
  • Domiciliary Expenses are Covered for the Retirees Policy.
  • Maternity expenses, Critical illness Rider also not available and hence not covered under the Retirees policy.
  • For our Bank the TPA viz M/s Vidal Health Care TPA Pvt Ltd shall provide Cashless facilities through their empanelled hospitals across India and Retired Employees/dependant can avail the facility. For any query on the Reimbursement/cashless facility ,Retired employees /officers can contact the TPA to their toll free number 1800 -425 –9510 or at the dedicated help desk at our Corporate office at 0487-6617253.
  • The TPA will also process reimbursement claims of Hospitalization as per policy terms and conditions.

Please submit the consent for renewal of the policy by choosing the relevant option viz without Domiciliary /with domiciliary cover /disagreement in the tear off portion before 24/10/2016. Please note that if we do not receive your option letter before cutoff date, we will treat your option as to continue the policy without domiciliary cover. Please also keep sufficient balance in your account where pension amount is credited so as to debit the premium and include in the Retirees policy. We shall debit the account on 27/10/2016.

The detailed scheme guidelines, Coverage’s and exclusions , Claim forms, List of networked Hospitals , FAQ, are given below :

Submission of Life Certificate for Pensioners

Retired Employees, who are drawing monthly pension from the Bank, have to mandatorily submit Life Certificate during the month of November every year. Duly filled up and signed application form shall be submitted to Human Resources Department through branch from where the pension is drawn.

Human Resources Department
Dhanlaxmi Bank Ltd.
Dhanalakshmi Buildings
Naickanal, Thrissur - 680 001
Phone : 91-487-6617000
Fax : 91-487-6617222

Click here to download Life Certificate form







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