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Newly Weds

As newly weds, both your lifestyle and that of your partner undergoes major changes as you start to share life and your financial commitments. At this stage, you would also like to evaluate your options for moving out of your rented apartment and into your own home that can be funded by a well-structured home loan. Loans can also be availed for furnishing and building the home according to your tastes and style while securing the liability of the home loan is an important financial planning subject to secure your dreams in all eventualities.

With the arrival of new opportunities and responsibilities, spending time with your spouse becomes more of a priority. You would need to focus on building a secure home for your family and plan for expenses arising out of life events on the upcoming five-year horizon, such as domestic and foreign vacations paid for by an affordable personal loan. You can also choose to get a head start on larger financial commitments that start becoming visible on a ten-year horizon by investing in unit linked insurance policies (ULIP), mutual funds, or even starting a pension plan before the joyful arrival of your first child.





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