Effective from 1st February 2011 merchant IVR (Interactive Voice Recording system) transactions (like TATA Sky DTH, Airtel DTH etc) require OTP (One Time Password) to carry out a transaction on Telepohone / Mobile using credit cards

An IVR transaction is a payment transaction made through Telephone / Mobile by using Credit Cards for obtaining a service or purchase of a product through interactive voice recording system without physically presenting the credit card.

OTP is a six digit number and you are requested to generate an OTP prior to every such transaction.

 How to carry out an IVR transaction?
  • Select the service or product and decide the amount to be paid for the same

  • Please key in following card details

    • Credit Card Number
    • Credit Card Expiry date
    • CVV code -printed on the reverse of the credit card

  • If the provided credit card details are correct, you will receive OTP (six digit code) on your mobile (registered with the Bank) and to your mail ID within 30 seconds

  • Please key in the OTP code to complete the transaction

  • You will receive SMS alert on successful completion of the transaction

  • The OTP will valid for only one transaction or for 2 hours from the time you received it and get expired thereafter.
  1. What is an IVR transaction?
    Interactive Voice Response i.e., IVR transaction is a transaction carried out over the telephone where a Credit Card number is to be entered on an automated system for the purpose of making a payment to a vendor for purchase of goods, services, payment of bills, mobile recharges etc., without physically presenting a card.

  2. What details are to be provided to do an IVR transaction?
    One need to provide the card number, expiry date, CVV code (3digit code printed on the signature panel on the card, the amount of transaction and the One Time Password (OTP) through IVR system.

  3. What is this Password
    It is a 6 digit code which is to be entered by you while doing the IVR transaction through your Telephone/Mobile.

  4. How will I get this OTP?
    You will get the OTP by way of SMS on your registered mobile as well as to your registered email id while doing the transaction after providing your card details.

  5. Can I save the OTP that I received for any future transactions?
    No. OTP is a secured password and is valid for one transaction or valid for 2 hours only and expires thereafter. A new OTP is required for every IVR transaction that is initiated.

  6. Recently I have changed my Mobile number but not registered?
    You can register/modify your mobile number by calling our customer care center Nos. +91 044 42413000 or sending a mail to customercare@dhanbank.co.in through your registered maid id.
 Terms and conditions of IVR transaction:
  • This service is provided by Dhanlaxmi Bank, and is applicable to all Dhanlaxmi Bank, Credit Cardholders, herein after referred to as ‘Cardholder’.

  • Cardholder must use the 3D secured One Time Password (OTP) sent by SMS / email to their registered mobile number / mail id, to perform an IVR merchant transaction, failing which the transaction cannot be completed successfully.

  • Dhanlaxmi Bank, is not liable for any loss or damage whatsoever that may be suffered, or for any personal injury that may be suffered, during the process of IVR service or usage of the facility.

  • The IVR 3D secure OTP sent to the registered mobile number has a predefined validity after which it expires, if not used. Cardholders must hence use the OTP within the stipulated period. OTP entered after its expiry will not be authenticated by the Bank.

  • The Bank shall endeavour to deliver the IVR 3D secure OTP via SMS to the best of its abilities to the registered mobile number / to the registered email ID. Cardholder acknowledges that delivery of SMS / email is dependent on the infrastructure, connectivity and services provided by the Telephone service providers and the service providers engaged by the Bank. The Bank shall not be responsible for non receipt or delay of the SMS / email, error, loss or distortion in transmission of information and instructions to/from the customer or the merchant establishments for reasons beyond its control. The Bank holds no responsibility for any losses incurred due to such reasons
  • In times of contingencies and or as per the statutory laws or directions of RBI, the Bank reserves the right to disable the IVR 3D secure authentication.

  • Cardholders are required to ensure that their correct mobile number / email ID is registered with the Bank, since the OTP will be transmitted through one or both of these modes.

  • In case of theft/loss /change of the cardholder’s mobile number, the cardholder must report the same to the Bank for deletion of mobile number in the Bank records. The Bank shall not be liable for any fraudulent transactions/ loss, if the same is not reported.

  • The Bank reserves the right to withdraw/change/modify suspend/cancel/amend from time to time and /or alter any of the terms and conditions at any point of time as may deem necessary without assigning any reason or prior notice to the cardholder.  All decisions in the respect of the service shall be at the sole discretion of the Bank and the same shall be final, binding and non-contestable.

  • Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this service shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Thrissur only.  The existence of a dispute if any shall not constitute a claim against Dhanlaxmi Bank.

  • Cardholders using this service shall be deemed to have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions as stated above and as amended form time to time.