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Loan Against Securities

Loan against securities helps you leverage your equity investments without selling them in order to address your need for funds conveniently and easily.

Approved Securities

Equity shares*- demat shares up to 50% of the value
Approved list of shares

Mutual fund units* - mutual funds up to 50% of NAV (Net Asset Value). Mutual fund schemes
Approved list of mutual funds
  • No EMIs
  • No post dated cheques
  • No pre-payment charges
  • Interest charged only on utilized amount
  • Exhaustive number of approved securities
  • Upto 80% loan
  • Simple and speedy processing
  • You must be a resident of India ( loans cannot be given to minors,trusts)
  • You can pledge securities from the bank's approved list only. Refer approved securities for more details
  • Securities should be in the name of eligible borrowers (securities in the name of minors, trusts, partly paid up or shares in the name of individuals in companies of which they are directors/ promoters, ELSS schemes cannot be accepted)

Pre-Saction Documents
  • Proof of photo identity -all holders/ directors
  • Proof of residence -all holders/ directors
  • Proof of signature -all holders/ directors
  • Proof of age - all holders/ directors
Additional Documents for Corporate Customer
  • SEBI registration certificate (if broker)
  • 10 settlements volumes(if broker)
  • Copy of financial statement for last 2 years (P&L & balance sheet)
  • Copy of IT Acknowledgement for the last 2 years
  • Board resolution in banks format
  • Copies of MOA & AOA (for main applicant and guarantor )
  • Letter providing breakup of the business
  • Copy of company PAN card
  • Registration certificate of company
  • Details of authorized signatories on company letterhead (name , signature and photograph of director )
Post -Sanction Documents
  • Signature verification
  • End use declaration
  • Linkage / other LAS facility declaration
  • Loan against securities agreement

Description of Charges Details
Processing charges (non refundable) 0.3% of the loan amount with minimum of Rs. 1250/-
Sale of security in the event of default All brokerages, transaction charges and other levies as per actuals
Legal & incidental charges As per actuals
Stamp duty & other statutory charges As per the rates applicable at the place of execution of loan agreement
Pre payment charges Nil
Duplicate no due certificate / NOC Nil
No due certificate / No objection certificate (NOC) Nil
Solvency certificate Not applicable
Charges for changing from fixed to floating rate of interest Not applicable
Charges for changing from floating to fixed rate of interest Not applicable
Charges on drawings in excess of limits (due to application of interest or revaluation of portfolio under pledge) Penal interest 24% p.a. plus tax on the amount drawn in excess of the limit. This will be calculated on a daily product basis.
Annual maintenance charge (AMC) Rs. 500/-
Charges for realization of proceeds on maturity in respect of fixed maturity plans (FMPs) Rs. 500/- per instruction
TRF processing charges Rs.10/- per TRF
Charges in case limit drops to zero Rs.500/- per month

Important note : Monthly interest charge has to be paid fully by way of credit to the LAS account in the immediately following month, failing which the accounts are liable to be classified as NPA . In such cases, bank will exercise its right to sell/ redeem the securities in the market after providing reasonable notice to clients
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