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Mobile Banking FAQ

  1. What is Dhanlaxmi Bank's Mobile Banking?
  2. How do I download DhanSmart?
  3. How to identify the official application in App store/Play store?
  4. Who is eligible to avail Dhanlaxmi Bank's Mobile Banking Facility?
  5. How can I apply/register for the Mobile Banking Service?

  6. How do I activate my DhanSmart Mobile Banking application on my Mobile handset?
  7. Whether Karta of HUF (Hindu Undivided Family) can access Mobile Banking?
  8. What are the pre-requisites of using DhanSmart - Dhanlaxmi Mobile Banking Application?
  9. Can I use the Mobile Banking application from any Mobile?
  10. How secure is Dhanlaxmi Mobile banking?
  11. What if I forget my 'DhanSmart Mobile Banking' MPIN/TPIN?
  12. What is MPIN / TPIN?
  13. What if I lose my Mobile handset on which I have installed DhanSmart Mobile Banking Application?
  14. How do I proceed if the app is not installed properly?
  15. What are the charges of DhanSmart Mobile Banking Application and how would it be charged?
  16. What is Maximum Limit per transaction?
  17. What is the Maximum Limit of daily transaction?
  18. What is the TAT for processing Stop Cheque request?
  19. What should I do if I change my registered mobile number?
  20. Can I use DhanSmart Mobile banking anywhere, even if travelling abroad?
  21. If I have changed my handset, what should I do?
  22. My Mobile Banking access is LOCKED due to three wrong MPIN attempts. What should I do?
  23. I am unable to generate MPIN using debit card details. What should I do?
  24. What should I do,if I lost my Mobile/SIM?
  25. Can I use my Internet Banking password to access the Mobile Banking channel?
  26. Can I deactivate my Mobile Banking temporarily?
  27. What is a cooling period?
  28. What is the duration of cooling period?
  29. Can I modify or delete a Beneficiary during the cooling Period?
  30. How will I come to know about the completion of the cooling period for a beneficiary?
  31. Is there a limit to the number of beneficiaries added in a day?
  32. I received SMS or Email alert about beneficiary addition, which is actually not added by me. What should I do?
  33. What should I do if I have more queries or any feedback regarding Dhanlaxmi Bank Mobile Banking?
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